Madison committee gives update on city growth

Madison committee gives update on city growth
(Source: WAFF)

MADISON, AL (WAFF) - Leaders from both the Madison city government and the school system came together Thursday night for an update on city growth.

The growth committee, appointed by Mayor Paul Finley, broke down the future growth into three scenarios:

  • Case 1: Current approved projects only plus strategic annexations - This case would leave city growth where it is right now and deal with current issues at play.
  • Case 2: Growth per city master plans with annexed boundaries - This case adds more homes into underdeveloped areas currently within city limits.
  • Case 3: Growth with no plan constraints - This adds to the underdeveloped sites plus annexes new land.

"I think the school system wants to know how big the city's going to be so that they know how many schools to plan for, how many students to plan for, and I think the city needs to know as they continue to annex and zone properties what the effects of that growth will be," said Terri Johnson, co-chair of the growth committee.

"We know that we're gonna need a new elementary and middle school. We know that we need to seriously do something about the high school population," said Michael Potter, co-chair of the growth committee.

How will the city pay for these new schools? For that, the committee gave two cases:

  • Option A = $116 million for new elementary and middle schools and additions at high schools
  • Option B = $216 million for new elementary, middle and high schools

A possible way of funding that would be adding an $11 million or $20 million property tax, which sources tell WAFF 48 News would break down to an additional $100 per year for property worth $100 million.

The council and school board will hold several public sessions. Check back for the dates on those meetings.

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