New signs going up at deadly Madison County intersection

New signs going up at deadly Madison County intersection
(Source: WAFF 48 News)
(Source: WAFF 48 News)
(Source: WAFF 48 News)
(Source: WAFF 48 News)
(Source: WAFF 48 News)

MADISON COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - Efforts are underway in Madison County to make improvements at a dangerous and deadly intersection on Highway 72.

Commissioner Craig Hill has new signs going up at that spot and other locations throughout his district to help save lives.

There's been a number of horrific and tragic accidents on Highway 72 at Dug Hill Road. Only a month ago, a crash left one dead and several injured.

"There's not any way to put a price on an injury, a collision or a life," Hill said. "We know that our residents understand the dangers of that intersection but so many times, those accidents are out of town residents that don't realize how dangerous that intersection is."

That intersection is in Hill's district and he wants to make it safer. He's launched a "Safety Sign Blitz" across District 3.

"We know it's important that signs note our dangerous intersections and curves. The center of that entire discussion has been the Dug Hill and 72 intersection. There was a single yellow caution light there but it was destroyed in an accident about a month ago," he stated.

Hill worked with state to install several new solar powered LED lights at the intersection as a better warning in both directions.

"We'll have two facing east and two facing west. They will be a lot a more visible noting that intersection," he explained. "It's the highest reflectivity that we can put on the roadside right now."

He partnered with engineering department and that's the kind of sign they recommended.

"We're replacing all of our signs throughout the district. Some are antiquated and some will be new signage with high definition. We have some signs that have lots reflectivity and that's what initiated our sign blitz," he added.

A safety study is also underway on Dug Hill Road. Flashing LED stop signs are also going in where Dug Hill meets HWY 72 to make them more visible.

That isn't the only problem spot getting new signs. They're going up in other areas where there are safety concerns, including school zones.

"We will have signs that can be mobilized into school zones that will show speed. They'll have a radar and will flash the speed. We hope to slow some traffic down through our school zones," the commissioner said.

At Old Big Cove Road/Hayden Road there's dangerous hill with limited sight distance and new flashers are being installed there

Funding for the signs is coming out of the District 3 budget.

"We've added a lot of signs in curves and also some reflective markings on our roads. We hope for all of this to be completed by the middle of May. That's our goal," Commissioner Hill stated. "There are a lot of signs that don't have reflectivity. At night, they don't have any benefit so we knew they need to be replaced. We're putting the possible best sign on the side of the road."

Projects in the Safety Sign Blitz include, but are not limited to:

1.  Flashing LED Signs at US72/Dug Hill Road Intersection

2.  Radar Detected, Flashing Strobe School Zone Signs

3.  Old Big Cove Road/Hayden Road, line of sight, detection/signaling

4.  Gurley Pike, Little Cove Road, Brownsboro Road, Hobbs Island Road, and Ryland Pike- HD Signage, Curve Chevrons, reflectors in curves and curve/intersection post reflectors

District 3 includes parts of East and Southeast Madison County including Gurley, New Hope, Owens Cross Roads, and parts of Huntsville.

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