Burglar hits Hampton Cove mattress store multiple times

Burglar hits Hampton Cove mattress store multiple times
Bedzzz Express in Hampton Cove is looking for the burglar caught searching under mattresses. (Source: Bedzzz Express)

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - A Huntsville-area business needs help catching a thief.

Bedzzz Express in Hampton Cove has been hit twice, but there's a twist to this burglary. Everything in the mattress store was left in order. But surveillance video shows a man flipping up mattresses to search for things only employees knew about until now. The video shows the thief turning up mattress after mattress looking for something.

District manager Jackie Mullins-Cox said he just stole petty cash, but after the first burglary, employees were told to store any cash that couldn't be deposited into the bank before it closes by stuffing it underneath a mattress in the store.

Video shows the burglar was wearing an industrial-style work shirt and had a bunch of keys dangling from his waist.

The first burglary was on Jan. 27 and the second time was March 17 soon after the store closed. Bedzzz Express believes they are being targeted but don't think any of their employees are involved in this crime.

The manager said it's not the principle of the money she's too worried about. She also doesn't want another business falling as another victim.

"It's the fact that he has freedom to come and go inside of our company. In our retail store we need to find out how he has a key and why. Is it a skeleton key? Is he a relative? Is he a neighbor? This is really a good clue mystery," Mullins-Cox said.

The store in Hampton Cove has had to change locks multiple times now, costing the business more money. They've filed a police report but feel like the public could really help nab this thief.

If you think you know who it is, call Bedzzz Express in Hampton Cove at 256-203-2965.

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