Skyline School pays tribute to Florida school shooting victims

Skyline School pays tribute to Florida school shooting victims
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JACKSON COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - Sklyine School in Jackson County joined schools around the country paying tribute to the victims of the Parkland, Florida shooting Wednesday morning. Instead of a walkout, they took a different approach: an assembly.

Safety was the key message from Principal Jason Davidson at Skyline School's assembly to pay tribute to the 17 lives lost in the Parkland, Florida school shooting one month ago.

It was a team effort, between students, teachers, and the administration.

"Safety. You know, we need to be, like Mr. Davidson put it today, we need to be on time, no tardiness. You know, stay out of the hallways as best we can," said Wyatt West, senior class president.

West and Vice President Kaitlyn Brewer read the names of each victim from the shooting and held a moment of silence.

"I think its important to show them that we care and support them, like we would want done for us," said Brewer.

Wyatt said reading those names would have been very difficult had they been classmates of his.

"It would have been a whole lot harder to read all them names. Because I really tried reading them names this morning and I don't any of them, but like, if I was reading some of the names that I did know it would be heartbreaking," said Wyatt.

Davidson took time during the assembly to remind students to do their part to work with teachers and administration at the school to keep communication open.

Be responsible. If you see something, say something. That's the message.

Davidson said the new weekly Jackson County Safety Information Summits have been a big help already. The first one was held at their school just last week.

"It's information that as an administrator, I knew was in place. But I think it's good for everyone in the community to know Jackson County resources work together. School systems, judicial systems, sheriff's department. Those people are in place for a reason," said Davidson.

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