Billboard calls out alleged sexual assault by Athens massage therapist

Billboard calls out alleged sexual assault by Athens massage therapist
(Source: WAFF)

ATHENS, AL (WAFF) - A new billboard paints the sky above U.S. 72 in Athens that calls attention to sexual assault. The message reads "Stop Massage Therapy Sexual Assault."

Rachell Pyle, a Limestone County resident, purchased them in retaliation against loopholes in the law that says she should've fought back against her attacker when she was assaulted last year.

"He had no right. He was insane that day when he grabbed me. He had no right to touch me," Pyle emotionally said.

She says Paul Dobbs, the owner of Essential Kneads Therapeutic Massage in Athens, touched her inappropriately during a normal visit last June.

"I did not have a choice laying on that table when that man decided to stroke me. I did not have a choice," Pyle said.

Dabbs was charged with harassment, which is a class C misdemeanor.

In a raw confession to WAFF 48, Pyle admitted she froze.

"Some people say there's no way. I would've killed him. I would've done this or I would've done that. I carry a gun that moment don't know if I would've grabbed my gun because you never know what you're going to do until you're in that situation," she said.

Pyle wanted attention so she went and got it by putting up the signs.

Lawmakers tried to make changes to Alabama Criminal Code 13A-6-60, which states that if penetration has not occurred and the victim of the sexual contact is older than 16, is mentally competent and not physically incapacitate, she must overcome her attacker "with earnest resistance."

That change was not submitted in time and won't be seen until the 2019 legislative year.

"I want this bill passed, and I won't shut up about it," Pyle said.

She also plans to put up more signs in the coming weeks.

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