Frogg Toggs in Arab building new warehouse

Frogg Toggs in Arab building new warehouse
(Source: WAFF)

ARAB, AL (WAFF) - Arab-based Frogg Toggs is expanding its operations on their current site. The expansion will bring better conditions for employees and eventually more jobs.

Will Fowler, president of Frogg Toggs, said the company is expanding its current facilities to keep up with the growth they've experienced since 2015.

Frogg Toggs is currently operating out of two separate facilities across the street from each other. The difficulty with the two separate buildings is logistics.They currently receive their containers across the street and then have to move the inventory to their main location.

Having the receiving facility and warehouse on the same site will improve a number of things.

"Will be tremendous for efficiency and effectiveness in moving product. And fulfilling orders. And just create a lot less stress on the employees at Frogg Toggs," said Fowler.

Employees can expect a better working environment with the new warehouse, including higher bays and higher density. This will allow them to store more product in less space.

New automatic LED lights will operate on a motion detector system to increase safety.

Thanks to recent tax cuts, as well as increased efficiency, employees will have something else to look forward to.

"With the greater efficiencies, it eases the burden on Frogg Toggs to be able to offer a higher warehouse wage to starting employees and of course those that have been with us awhile," said Fowler.

Workers will begin pouring concrete at the new site this week. The entire structure should be complete by July with product arriving in the warehouse by August.

Frogg Toggs expects to hire at least a dozen workers over the next few years.

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