Parents react to Madison City rezoning proposal

Parents react to Madison City rezoning proposal

MADISON, AL (WAFF) - By next school year, your child could be walking down a different school hallway. That's if they're in the Madison city schools system.

On Thursday night school leaders held a public meeting to discuss their on-going rezoning plan.

A lot of people in Madison are asking why now? Especially since Superintendent Parker mentioned that an even bigger rezoning could possibly happen in 3 to 5 years if a new elementary school is built.

A lot of parents would rather just wait it out until that has to happen. Well, superintendent Parker says the main reason is to keep the socio-economic diversity in all schools equal.

Several neighborhoods would be impacted by this change, but residents in the Foxfield subdivision are just tired of moving schools. Parents say this would be the fifth rezoning they would have gone through.

If you live in Foxfield or Chelsea park, you would move from Liberty Middle School and James Clemens High School to Discovery Middle and Bob Jones High School.

A change that, again, a lot of you say doesn't need to happen now

"There's not a crisis, we're in an agreement on that there's not even an urgency right now. We believe it can wait until we're compelled to rezone because of the population changes and the limit in the school capacity," said Michael Sheehy, Madison resident.

The superintendent has offered a waiver for 7th - 11th graders if this proposal passes. This would allow you to stay in your current school and not change.

Now the next step is for the board to take all of your comments and discuss and figure out if this rezoning plan is the best thing for your students. Nothing is final. The board still has to approve this which could come by the end of this month

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