Keeping your kids safe around pools

Keeping your kids safe around pools

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - It's a situation that can quickly turn deadly if a child falls into a pool. That's why Don Webster with HEMSI says it is so critical that you know how to give CPR.

Webster says it can really be the difference between life or death. He says CPR can help extend the someone's life long enough for help to arrive.

You also want to teach your child to swim as early in age as you can. Another tip? Making sure the area around your pool is secure.

"The pool should have some fencing around it, fairly high fencing and gates childproof gates. In other words, a small child cannot unlatch the gate to gain access to the pool," said Don Webster.

I know we all have very busy schedules and try to multi-task as much as we can, but it's also very important that you're watching your child while they're around the pool and limiting distractions around you.

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