My Take - School Shooting

The headlines last week were horrifying. Our country is once again dealing with another mass shooting. It's absolutely heartbreaking and it's unacceptable. Unfortunately, it's becoming too common. In recent years our country has witnessed some of the worst mass shootings in U.S. history.

1) Children being killed in our schools

2) 50-people gunned down at a nightclub in Orlando.

3) 27-worshipers killed at church in Texas.

4) 59-people were slaughtered at concert in Las Vegas.

5) Sadly the list goes on and on.

But as a country and as a society we must fight the urge to become numb to these events. There are no easy answer to this crisis. But it's not normal. And it's not okay. We need to fix it! Let's make sure this latest tragedy does not deteriorate into partisan bickering about gun control or other political agendas.
America has an epidemic and what we need to do is find common ground. After all we ARE all Americans and there are solutions to these problems! Lets ask ourselves "what are the true causes of such insanity, violence and hate" and stop pointing fingers. Now is NOT the time to be divided and push political agendas!

History is watching and so are our children.

I'm Dave Thomason, That's My Take, What's Yours?

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