Jackson County is now a gig county

Jackson County is now a gig county
(Source: WAFF)

JACKSON COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - Gigabyte internet speed has now come to all of Jackson County and parts of Marshall County.

On Thursday, the North Alabama Electric Cooperative announced they've now completed their four-year project.

Officials say bringing in high-speed internet to the area will do more than just for your average customer.

Officials with the North Alabama Electric Cooperative announced Thursday that gigabyte internet has now arrived to areas from Bridgeport, to Scottsboro, the Paint Rock Valley and north Marshall County.

Coop general manager Bruce Purdy said the area has seen a decline in manufacturing jobs so a driving force for bringing the high-speed internet is economic development.

A Stevenson city councilman said it's the wave of the future for some companies.

"They're moving their employees home and they're giving them a coupon to use high-speed internet to do their work at home. They didn't move it offshore. They moved it home," said Stevenson City Councilman Bob Spencer.

Local educators feel it will be huge for students after they leave the classroom.

"It is truly a global world that we live in. Our students need to be ready for the world, and these opportunities allow that to open up," said Jackson County Schools Assistant Superintendent Anthony Buckner.

There's activity at the site of the proposed Google data center. Officials believe high-speed internet around it will facilitate future employees to remain in the area.

"Google employees can work from home because of our fiber network whereas before they would have been limited as to where they could live," said coop general manager Bruce Purdy.

Officials say they're trying to tie in customers just as soon as they can.

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