A look inside Madison County SWAT training

A look inside Madison County SWAT training
(Source: WAFF)
(Source: WAFF)
(Source: WAFF)

MADISON COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - They are a group of police, the elite. SWAT members are expert marksmen who specialize in high-risk operations. WAFF 48 News was allowed into a training session Wednesday to see up close how meticulous the SWAT and K-9s work to perfect their craft.

They train to keep your community safe, preparing for what they can't always see. The special units from Madison, Madison County and Lincoln County, Tennessee train for different obstacles they might have to face.

"So they can stay on top of the tactics that they use in order to do the missions that they are assigned," said Lt. Donny Shaw from the Madison County Sheriff's Office.

The simulation is to find and capture the person barricading themselves inside a home, a scenario they often they often get called out to.

"Just imagine a house that is being lived in and there is furniture and appliances and there is unknown turns and unknown rooms and that's why they do this training every week and practicing their skills and keeping their skills sharp so when the time comes they are ready to respond," Shaw said.

Also teaching their K-9s methods to help tackle the bad guys.

"When the call comes for a high-risk situation they all come together and do what they do as special operators," Shaw said.

Practicing over and over again. Keeping them in tip-top physical and mental shape so that they can be ready for whatever the emergency might be.

"I can tell you by knowing these guys they want to be at their best at all times and they are always trying to become better at what they do," Shaw said.

The house the officers worked out of Wednesday was donated, and it will be used next for fire training.

The SWAT members also said that their departments are changing how they are keeping students safer in schools in light of what happened in Florida.

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