Schools, law enforcement show some support for concealed carry in schools

Schools, law enforcement show some support for concealed carry in schools
(Source: WAFF Staff)

(WAFF) - A Marshall County lawmaker says the answer to school shootings is more armed and trained staffers inside your child's school.

Rep. Will Ainsworth was supported by some teachers, school administrators, and law enforcement from around the area but not everyone is in agreement with that approach.

Ainsworth worked to make his case for having concealed weapons in schools with supporters at a news conference this morning at Guntersville Elementary School.

Ainsworth feels there needs to be funding for school resource officers in every school and funding for security such as cameras and door locks.

But the thrust of his bill would allow school teachers and administrators to carry concealed weapons on campus and only certain people would know who.

Ainsworth says it would involve a 40-hour state police certification, a mental health component, and annual recertification. The state representative feels kids now are sitting ducks in a gun free zone.

"We've got to look at if someone gets in how do we take out the gunman? That's really what this bill is about because the gunman is there to do harm and we've got to make sure he can't do that," Ainsworth said.

But Rebecca Raulerson says she's got three kids in the Guntersville system and disagrees.

"Our teachers are to be educators. They are not police officers. They are trained educators and to ask them to do anything else is going above and beyond their calling," said Raulerson.

Ainsworth says he hopes to have the bill through the legislature for an up or down vote in the next couple of weeks.

WAFF 48 News went to Big Spring Park to get some community reaction on the possibility of teachers carrying guns in school. Here's some of the community's reaction:

"Yes, with the proper training which the Huntsville Police Department could give them at their firing range. Or also state police could also train…they have to train them on what to do and how to do it," said Lewis D. Jolly.

"It's an awful idea. The likelihood of a teacher having a gun and helping stop an intruder as opposed to the student potentially stealing that gun, or an accident occurring, or another student getting a gun, or the teacher hurting themselves, or hurting someone in the school," Josh Sklut said.

"I definitely think the teachers should be armed. Not only for their protection, but the protection of their students. I think that would give parents a peace of mind as well. I myself as a mom carry for me and my children's protection so I think they should be armed," Shelby Call said.

"I personally don't think teachers should be armed in school. We have teachers who go crazy too. Students go crazy and shoot the schools so parents could too, teachers could too. I think no one should be armed. I think there should be metal detectors at every school," Amber Cobb said.

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