Brooks: A lot of unanswered questions about Florida shooting

Brooks: A lot of unanswered questions about Florida shooting

FLORENCE, AL (WAFF) - Congressman Mo Brooks says last week's deadly school shooting in Florida saddens him, but he wants to know if the school did everything it could to keep students safe before taking any action in Washington. "There are a lot of unanswered questions right now" Brooks told reporters in Florence. "I want to know why the school system did not afford better protection. That is the school system's responsibility to provide a safe environment for their students. Did they not have adequate security? Did local law enforcement officers not react as probably they should have with respect to the information that was coming in about this one shooter?"

According to a report over the weekend in the Sun-Sentinel newspaper, the school has fences, gates and emergency procedures in place. Officials say the gunman knew the gates would open and that setting off a fire alarm that would dismantle a safety system. Investigators say the gunman arrived as school was about the let out for the day, a time he knew that gate would be open. There was a school resource officer on duty when the shooting happened, but he was in a different building on campus than the one under attack.

Students who survived the shooting have been vocal, demanding gun law reforms. President Trump has indicated he might support some minor changes to background checks.

"My initial reaction is sadness." Brooks said Monday night. "Having been through that, and of course, that kind of event brings it back up." Brooks knows what it's like to survive an active shooter situation. Last summer, he was at a Washington D.C. area baseball park when a gunman opened fire and shot Congressman Steve Scalise, a congressional aide, U.S. Capitol Police officer and a lobbyist. Brooks helped administer first aid to Scalise while under fire.

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