AL lawmaker proposes bill to allow school administrators be armed

AL lawmaker proposes bill to allow school administrators be armed
(Source: WAFF)

MONTGOMERY, AL (WAFF) - A Marshall County state legislator is now pushing a bill that would arm teachers in light of the Florida school shooting, but not everyone is for the bill.

The Alabama Legislature will soon be considering a bill allowing teachers and school administrators to carry weapons on campus for protection of everyone there. Rep. Will Ainsworth says it would require anyone willing to do so to go through a firearms training class. Ainsworth says it's not mandatory and schools can decide who can carry weapons.

Ainsworth said a coach in the Florida shooting lost his life shielding students from the gunman. He questions the outcome had the coach had a weapon when the gunman entered. Ainsworth feels now is the time to act.

"The reason that I think that is important is because right now our kids are literally sitting ducks in the classroom and I think this recent event that has happened, we've had a huge outpouring of people in the community wanting us to do something as legislators and I plan to do that," said Ainsworth.

But some are cautious of the idea.

"I think we need to be real careful. When we start militarizing our schools and we think that's going to stop the lone crazed gunman from coming in and doing something, we're wrong. I think you create a shooting gallery that could hurt everyone in the school," said Sen. Cam Ward.

Ainsworth plans to introduce the bill on Tuesday.

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