Plastic recycling business coming to Grant

Plastic recycling business coming to Grant
The Roy Tec Environ plastic recycling company is expected to create 30-40 new jobs in Grant, and perhaps more down the line.

GRANT, AL (WAFF) - New jobs are coming to Marshall County.

A company is looking to move their plastic recycling business to Grant later this month.

Officials in Grant are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the new industry.

It's believed to be the first Chinese owned company to land in Marshall County.

Until it closed a few years ago, for decades nearly 100 people were employed in the former Kennametal building.

According to Mayor Larry Walker, the Kennametal company made bits for oil drilling.

Now the building is getting a new name and a new purpose—it will house the Roy Tec Environ plastic recycling company.

Mayor Walker says 30-40 employees will be hired initially to get business off the ground. Down the line, they may move their headquarters to Grant too.

With all the jobs lost several years ago, Walker says it's good the company is looking to hire locally.

"Some people found other jobs and some people didn't. Maybe some of those people can be reemployed or there will be new people come in too. If we can have a place real close here in town that employs people that's just good for local people, Walker said.

The company is set to close on the building on Feb. 19 and plan start renovations immediately.

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