First public hearing held for Highway 431 traffic study in Marshall County

First public hearing held for Highway 431 traffic study in Marshall County
A public hearing was held in Guntersville on Feb. 5, 2018 for a Highway 431 traffic study in Marshall County. (Source: WAFF)

GUNTERSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - The first of three public hearings has wrapped up concerning traffic congestion on Highway 431 in Marshall County.

The first was held at town hall in Guntersville.

Officials say they have several ideas that will help the traffic flow through Guntersville. One of those is a roundabout at the base of the North River Bridge.

Guntersville residents came out to town hall to learn the findings of the traffic study done to make ease traffic on the 18-mile stretch from Guntersville to Boaz.

In addition to a roundabout, they're also suggesting light changes and timing, a reworking of the intersection around Patterson Street and including bike lanes.

All the recommendations were laid out on the table and a simulation was also presented and questions were answered.

Officials said they're ultimately going to take the feedback to help develop a master plan.

Residents certainly had their own concerns hoping they would be addressed.

"The traffic light at the top of the mountain, you can't see it until you get to it so people are racing up the mountain then all of a sudden everyone is going to hit the brakes. They are going to address that. The rest of the way on 431 is the multiple crossroads and driveways that come into a major road. It's ridiculous," said resident Larry Sortor.

The next public hearing will be held in Albertville at the municipal utilities board auditorium from 6 to 8 p.m. Tuesday.

The city of Boaz will have their public hearing at the end of the month.

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