Jackson County 15-year-old hospitalized in accidental stabbing

Jackson County 15-year-old hospitalized in accidental stabbing

DUTTON, AL (WAFF) - Jackson County investigators are looking into an accidental stabbing involving two juveniles.

It happened in Dutton.

Sheriff Chuck Phillips is calling the incident an accident but attributes it to carelessness.

Phillips said when his deputies were called to a home on County Road 406 about an accident, they found a 15-year-old boy with a knife in his chest. Phillips said the boy was conscious and talking before being airlifted to a hospital for treatment.

It turns out he and another 15-year-old were throwing knives.

"You know it was just an accident. Two 15-year-old kids just not thinking and one standing in the wrong place. You know they were trying to stick the knife. It was some form of throwing knife. It hit the tree and ricocheted off and stuck in the kid's chest," said Phillips.

Phillips said that they expect that there will be no charges filed.

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