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Marshall County state representative sponsors resolution for congressional term limits

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Could term limits be coming to the U.S. Congress?

Fourteen state legislatures are seeking passage of resolutions for a constitutional amendment convention.

Marshall County state Rep. Kerry Rich has sponsored a resolution for Alabama to join other states in setting term limits for the U.S. Congress.

Some think it's a good idea.

"Everybody else does. The president does so to me that's just a normal thing to do and have that happen," said Lynn Harner, who supports term limits for Congress.

Marshall County resident Wesley Davis feels the same and said, "Because they stay in there too long. I mean, they're not supposed to go in there and make a career out of it."

A group called U.S. Term Limits is pushing the legislatures to pass resolutions calling for a constitutional amendment convention. Officials there say it would take 34 states to do it, then have delegates sent to the convention to determine the number of terms.

Officials say it would then go back to the state Legislatures for approval. That would take passage in 38 states.

The group's executive director, Nick Tomboulides, feels it's the only way to pass term limits on Congress. He said Congress attempted and failed in 1995 to pass the amendment and that's where Congress' efforts ended.

Some like the idea because they feel it's hard to beat an incumbent.

"The incumbent always seems to have the advantage. They do have the advantage money wise and name recognition-wise," said Davis.

Rich said the resolution passed the House Thursday and is now headed to the Senate for a vote there.

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