Albertville teen wins National Future Farmers of America grant

Albertville teen wins National Future Farmers of America grant

ALBERTVILLE, AL (WAFF) - He's only 15 but an Albertville teen already has his own pig farm. In fact, he's the only Alabamian to receive a National Future Farmers of America gr ant this year.

There's not a lot of 15 year olds out there writing gr ants but Will Aycock was successful, and his ultimate goal is to start bringing food to your table.

You could call him the "Pied Piper of Pigs." Aycock has been raising farm animals since the age of 4, but pigs specifically since the age of 6. He loves to breed pigs for food and for show.

Aycock recently won a $1,000 FFA gr ant. Aycock plans to take the money to a national pig show to purchase a top notch pig for breeding.

He ultimately plans on selling at the local farmer's market while educating the public.

"Really there's a need for people to see the whole farm to food type aspect, getting to talk to the consumer and be like this is where you're food is coming from. A lot of people just go to the store and are like, 'Well, I got my food from the store.' They know it may come from a farm but they don't know the aspect of it," Aycock said.

Aycock said he hopes to get USDA approval and begin selling at the Albertville Farmers Market  sometime this summer.

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