North Courtland council fires town clerk

North Courtland council fires town clerk

NORTH COURTLAND, AL (WAFF) - At the end of a four-hour town council meeting Tuesday night, the council voted 4-2 to terminate the employment of Tabatha Bailey as town clerk. Bailey's attorney throughout the meeting said she planned to file a federal lawsuit for the violation of Bailey's due process.

Attorney Carla Morton of Birmingham said her client was not given a report on the reason for her suspension until Tuesday night. She said the council did not follow the law on taking a vote.

"You can not have a hearing without doing full due process when tonight is the night of the hearing. It's the voting body, and he has not provided council with a copy of the December 27, 2017, letter, for which you and the mayor were present. No one has a copy of that letter" said Attorney Carla Morton.

As the meeting dragged on in front of a packed audience in the Town Hall chamber, Councilwoman Shirley Mayes threatened to leave because of the lack of action.

Town Attorney Hood Mullican answered questions about the ramifications of dismissing Bailey during a 20-minute executive session an hour into the meeting.

Mullican said, "you keep citing statues to me and I wish you would say which one," he told Morton.

If you want to cite a rule that we both can be on the same page about, again, I've cited you the rule that the council is hopefully abiding by in this procedure. The rule that he must report reasons for the removal at the next regular council meeting, which is what we are here to do. You're not being consistent," said Mullican.

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