Alabama fans get national championship gear, react to big win

Alabama fans get national championship gear, react to big win

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - The Alabama Crimson Tide team is once again the best in college football, after a comeback win for the national title.

On Tuesday, a big crowd greeted the team as they landed in Tuscaloosa and returned to campus.

For fans, it was the perfect ending to the season, and they weighed in on the thrilling championship.

Carole Forbes, like many other Crimson Tide fans, was grinning ear to ear as she picked up merchandise at Dick's Sporting Goods.

"I am here buying shirts, hats, pennants and an Alabama sign. I have a daughter that lives in Charlotte who graduated from Alabama. I have another daughter who went to Alabama so we're all here supporting our team," she said. "{It's a time to be happy and a time to be excited."

Fans were lined up at Academy after the game Monday night to nab their national championship gear.

"I just love seeing, you know, people excited. I just love seeing Alabama fans all pumped. You know, we're screaming Roll Tide all the time. And it's just a great fan base. you know. We just all love each other and we love the game," said Logan Black.

But it wasn't the outcome everyone had hoped for, including WAFF 48 News anchor Trent Butler. He graduated from Georgia and his wife did too but his son currently attends the University of Alabama so they're a house divided. But he was rooting for the Bulldogs.

"It's not like Alabama where they're won five titles in nine years. Georgia fans, it's been a long time and we were hoping this would be the year. But we have to realize most people didn't expect Georgia to go this far. It was a real thrill. It was an amazing ball game. Alabama has been in three straight, really exciting national title games. So Georgia fans are disappointed but Alabama made the plays when they needed to," he said.

Georgia fans like Trent are look to the future, hoping their team can grow and get better in years to come.

Meanwhile over in Tuscaloosa Tuesday, the Tide returned home to Alabama and the players and coaches were greeted by loyal fans.

"It was pretty exciting the whole way through, especially the second half. I'm sure everybody thinks mostly about that last play that won the game," said Byron Richards. "We're proud of the team and proud of our coaches and we're all big fans of Alabama. We're all just glad to be able come over here and be able to celebrate it."

"People don't understand. We're no stranger to adversity. People doubted us all season and they didn't even think we could beat Clemson. We believed in each other. We love each other. We played as one and we answered the bell when it needed to be answered," added Joshua Casher, Alabama offensive lineman.

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