New Hope patricide suspect's sister speaks about the crime

New Hope patricide suspect's sister speaks about the crime
Eric Jones (Source: Madison County Jail)
Eric Jones (Source: Madison County Jail)

NEW HOPE, AL (WAFF) - A New Hope man is accused of killing his own father then dumping him in the Paint Rock River.

Stephanie Knight is still in total shock. Her father, Anthony Jones, is dead and her brother, Eric Jones, is in jail.

54-year-old Anthony Jones hadn't been seen or heard from since Dec. 19.

"I knew my brother had done it, off of being suspicious remarks he had made. I went to the police and he was found that same night," said Stephanie Knight, the victim's daughter.

Stephanie Knight said her younger brother Eric Jones confessed to the murder when he was drunk and once in custody he told police where to find his father's lifeless body.

"'I stabbed him three times,' and he said, 'I put him in the river,' then he started laughing. He said, 'I'm just joking but you know you can kill somebody and tie bricks to them and put them in the river and nobody would know'," said Knight.

When she first questioned Eric about where their dad was he said they got into a fight and he left with another woman so weeks went by without alarming authorities.

"He's had a violent past but I never thought he would kill somebody, I mean he does have a temper but I just can't believe anybody could do that to their parents or anyone," said Knight.

As she still has many unanswered questions she's trying to treasure the memories she has of her father.

"He loved Alabama football. That was his favorite. And he loves spending time with his grandkids, playing outside watching my daughter play basketball and softball. He was a good man and definitely does not deserve this," said Knight.

"I want to hug him one last time," she said.

The family is seeking counseling to try and cope with this tragic situation.

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