Huntsville Hospital CEO pushes for healthcare overhaul

Huntsville Hospital CEO pushes for healthcare overhaul

(WAFF) - The CEO of Huntsville Hospital believes politicians need to act fast in revamping healthcare in America. He's also offering a solution.

Huntsville Hospital CEO David Spillers penned an open letter that will be sent to government officials in Alabama and Washington.

Summed up, it's a potential complete overhaul of how we approach health care in this country.

Spillers suggests we create a bipartisan commission that produces a solution that works for everyone.

As it stands now, Spillers suggests an eleven member committee: three nominees from both the Republican and Democratic parties and five health care professionals appointed by those party representatives.

He says politicians in Washington D.C. are often focused on the outcome, but not the process to get to an outcome.

This commission would create a new system, present it to Congress who can only vote it up or down, but not make any changes.

"It's important to everyone because I'm also one of those that believes that everyone should have access to some level of health care," said Spillers. "I don't think people should have access to everything because that's just not possible. I also don't think its right to put a hospital like ours in a position to decide who gets something and who doesn't. We're a public hospital. We do everything for everyone whether we get paid or not."

Spillers admits the plan isn't perfect, but he believes his proposal can serve as a conversation toward fixing what he calls a broken system.

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