DeKalb County wakes up to icy roads

DeKalb County wakes up to icy roads

DEKALB COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - Northeast Alabama residents woke up to icy conditions Monday morning. Schools and public offices were either delayed or cancelled altogether.

There were a lot of problems due to icy conditions, but EMA officials say things are getting better quickly.

Conditions included freezing rain on trees and more dangerous icy conditions on the roadways. State transportation road crews were atop Lookout Mountain in Mentone, spreading salt up and down Highway 117, clearing the road where two tractor trailer rigs ran off the road.

EMA officials say there were also tractor trailer accidents on Highway 35 just outside of Fort Payne and in the town of Ider. But by the noontime hour, the accidents were cleared and so were the roads.

"We're beginning to see a lot of melt. Temperatures have risen above freezing so our roads are rapidly improving. We're still seeing some patches of ice, especially in the shady spots of mountain gap roads," said DeKalb County Deputy EMA director Michael Posey.

Posey said they're not anticipating any problems overnight or any possible refreezes due to the fact that the temperature is going to stay above freezing.

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