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Guntersville Rescue Squad urges safety while boating in freezing weather

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Rescue squads are urging wintertime boaters to use extra precautions if they're going to be on the lake in these frigid temperatures.

Many people enjoy being out of the lake in the summertime, but in the wintertime, rescue squad officials say it can be downright deadly.

Not a lot of people go to the lake when the weather is below freezing but some do. That means there are less people out there to help if you run into a problem.

Officials with the Guntersville Rescue Squad remind people to be extra safe when boating in freezing weather.

CJ Jones said there are things you can do. First, bring some backup communication in case your cellphone isn't working or you're in a part of the lake that doesn't have service. Second, tell people where you are going and know where you are going.

Jones said you need to be able to describe where you are so rescuers can find you if you get stranded.

No one plans on getting in the water, but Jones said you need to prepare for the worst.

"If you've got a drybag with some dry clothes and blankets and stuff, I would put that in there because if you can get back in your boat you can at least bundle up and be safe until we can get to you," said Jones.

Jones said you should also let someone know what time you are going to be in and call if you're going to be late.

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