State officials investigating Guntersville dental office after employee drug bust

State officials investigating Guntersville dental office after employee drug bust

GUNTERSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - State investigators are looking into the practice of a Guntersville dentist after a longtime employee was arrested for having drugs inside the building.

46-year-old Joanna Hazelrig faces three counts of possessing controlled substances, marijuana, drug paraphernalia and promoting prison contraband. Another woman, 27-year-old Sara Nicole Brooks, who was with Hazelrig, was also arrested on drug charges.

Guntersville police say the first time the longtime dental employee was arrested was when she was leaving the office. The second time they say they found drugs inside the office.

Hazelrig is a longtime employee of Dr. Robert Haden.

Chief Jim Peterson said Hazelrig was arrested several weeks ago with drugs in her car. Officers went to serve warrants on her and found her at the dental office on Dec. 22, well after hours after 10 p.m. That's when they discovered heroin, oxycodone and methamphetamine in plain view inside the office. She and Brooks were then arrested.

Peterson said they're now looking to determine if there were other times she had drugs in the office.

Meanwhile, Peterson said Hayden is not under direct criminal investigation as it relates to what Hazelrig was arrested for.

"However, we do have a requirement to turn that over to the state dental board and they, in fact, have opened up an investigation and they will be going forward with that as far as it relates to the operation of the dentist office," said Peterson.

Peterson said this remains under investigation.

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