Rep. Mo Brooks on the road to recovery

Rep. Mo Brooks on the road to recovery

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - It's been a little more than two weeks since Rep. Mo Brooks had prostate cancer surgery. He is well on the road to a full recovery.

He's walking in his neighborhood two to three miles at a time. The walk is mostly uphill, but it didn't seem like it phased Brooks a bit.

"The tough part is going up the mountain. This is the easy part," said Brooks.

Brooks keeps making steps to a full recovery. Before the end of the year, he underwent surgery.

"You don't mess around when you are high-risk cancer," Brooks said.

His doctor gave him the great news that he is at least 95 percent cancer-free now.

"I try to push the envelope and get as much exercise as my doctor and my wife will allow," he said.

He started walking just three days after surgery.

"Unfortunately, the grandkids tend to get worn out by this," he said.

Brooks now walks two miles as much as he can.

"Touching the red sign means you have gone all the way. Now we get to go downhill," he said.

During his first few days of recovery he flew to Washington, D.C. so he didn't miss the tax reform vote.

"But that one was going to have a long-term impact and the vote was relatively close," said Brooks.

These daily walks remind him of the beauty he is surrounded by and how precious life can be.

"This is the Reward. You get to see the beautiful horizon of the town that we are blessed to live in. Being outdoors is always mentally uplifting as opposed to being cooped in one's house. Look at what you can see around here. It's gorgeous," Brooks said.

He now sports his "I survived!" hat and, of course, he couldn't end without saying, "Alabama is the best football team in America. SEC, SEC, SEC."

Brooks said he can't wait to start jogging again, which he says his doctor should give him the OK by the end of this month.

He'll be returning to Washington, D.C. Monday for when the House reconvenes.

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