Decatur officials debate extra $7 million

Decatur officials debate extra $7 million

DECATUR, AL (WAFF) - The Decatur City Council was so surprised to hear the city had $9 million in excess reserves that council members questioned the number and voted to hire an independent auditor, rather than accept the city had $7 million more than they thought.

"When they say they're surprised, I don't know why they're surprised," Chief Financial Officer John Andrzejewski said last week. "I don't know if they just didn't pay attention to the audits, or they might have had conversations with other people."

Andrzejewski was hired in late September as the city's chief financial officer after most of the work on the fiscal 2018 budget was completed.

Councilman Chuck Ard introduced the resolution to hire an independent auditor Dec. 18, at the council's last business meeting. He said the extra $7 million would be great for the city, but he doesn't trust it. Even if it's there, he said he needs to know whether it's from sources that are recurring — which could be used for ongoing expenses like employee raises — or one-time revenue that should be limited to capital expenses like new police cars.

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