Alabama mom gets surprise Christmas gift that was 12 years in the making

Alabama mom gets surprise Christmas gift that was 12 years in the making
(Photo credit: Ashley Sargent Photography, LLC)
(Photo credit: Ashley Sargent Photography, LLC)

ALBERTVILLE, AL (WAFF) - An Albertville mom was surprised with a special gift for Christmas that was twelve years in the making.

It took all four of her daughters to make it happen.

Raising a child as a single parent is tough. Terri McCaffrey raised four of them, all girls.

"We struggled. We did struggle, but that's ok. That has made them who they are," says McCaffrey.

When Amber, the oldest, got married it was Terri's dream to one day see all of her girls in a wedding portrait together.

Fast forward twelve years and Nikki, the last one, got married in December.

"So we secretly got together without mom knowing and got our wedding dresses back on," said Amber Patterson.

Amber, Kasey, Nikki and Skylar all posed in their wedding dresses for a picture for their mom with the help of photographer Ashley Sargent. On Christmas Day, she got her surprise.

"I was shocked. I was shocked. I finally got it. I've been wanting it because it's just something I will cherish forever," says McCaffrey.

No, Terri didn't get another new pot or pan or even perfume this year. She got the satisfaction of knowing all of those years of hard work paid off.

"I can look at it and I can see what I accomplished. They're my life so I think I done good," says McCaffrey.

"She raised four successful women and so we wanted to do this to honor her," says Patterson.

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