Huntsville's Downtown Rescue Mission offering warm meal, place to stay

Huntsville's Downtown Rescue Mission offering warm meal, place to stay

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - With temperatures expected to d rop significantly this weekend, we all will be trying to find ways to stay warm. However, for so many around the Valley, that's a challenge because they don't have a roof over their head.

Tylor Jones with the Downtown Rescue Mission in Huntsville said they experience a drastic increase of people coming to the shelter this time of year, especially when the temperatures plummet.

"The winter months are pretty slammed, as we expect. And you know, really, people that are outside in the cold, nobody wants to sleep through that. So we're happy to be able to give them a place to come and give them that warm night of sleep," said Jones.

This weekend, the Downtown Rescue Mission will allow anyone with a valid ID to come to the mission and bundle up for a warm night of warm shelter. And they'll open their doors to more than just those without a roof over their head, even people that can't afford to keep the heat running all night.

"We have an overnight shelter, anybody can check in before 8 p.m., and essentially they are allowed to stay here as long as they want, three hot meals a day," said Jones.

The rescue mission states they try to serve as many people as they can, and some nights that number climbs to well over 200.

"Anybody who wants to come, we will do our best to accommodate them. I'll urge anybody who is out there, who is cold, that is thinking they need a warm place to stay, that the Downtown Rescue Mission's doors are open to them and come on," said Jones.

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