My Take - New Years Resolution

We invite you to make a better new year's resolution this year…to do more than just lose 10 pounds. Make a resolution to register to vote , and if you're already registered, vote every single time. Nationally, the vast majority of the incumbents were re-elected this year,  in spite of the fact that 81% of U.S. citizens feel Congress is out of touch with what you want done, and how you feel. One big reason for that is only 36% of eligible voters typically show up to vote. Why wouldn't you want to show up to vote and elect people who listen and represent you, not the special interest groups who make large campaign contributions. It's been proven several times lately that your vote really does matter, and the surprise candidates wins the election. Believe me, things will not change until you do.  Elected officials will be much more accountable to your complaints,  if they know you will definitely vote!

I'm Dave Thomason, that's my take, what's yours?

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