Scottsboro councilman makes rare find using metal detector

Scottsboro councilman makes rare find using metal detector

SCOTTSBORO, AL (WAFF) - Growing up, many kids had a wish that Santa Claus would bring them a metal detector for Christmas. A Scottsboro city councilman also had that wish, but not until he was well into adulthood.

And he's made some pretty rare finds.

"The first time that we went and found a bullet together, I was hooked," said Patrick Stewart.

Stewart is not 4 or 7, but 47, and loves pulling out his metal detector and looking for Civil War artifacts with his 5-year-old son, Mason. And sometimes he gets lucky.

Stewart said you just can't go looking anywhere unless you're only looking for bottle tops. You have to make sure you're hunting in the right place, and that means doing some research.

"I have a couple of diaries that were written by soldiers and they tell you on a daily basis of where they were camped, what they did," said Stewart.

His research paid off on a trip to South Carolina. That's where he found a George Washington inaugural cuff button, one of only eight in existence.

"They think that those were given out to legislators or senators during that process of his second term," said Stewart.

He hopes to go back to South Carolina in 2018 along with the U.K. to search for rare coins. But he's still searching for a dream find of a Confederate buckle.

"Those are worth a lot of money. It's not the monetary value that you place on it. It's the fact that you find it, said Stewart.

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