Woman being questioned after shooting in NW Huntsville

Woman being questioned after shooting in NW Huntsville

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Police cars lined The Reserve at Research Park apartment complex around noon Saturday.  A man was shot and a woman was arrested, according to neighbors.

Pat Wells, a resident of over 12 years and the woman who called police says she was walking her dog when she heard one gunshot and someone yell "Oh my god."

She says she quickly went inside her home to call complex security but got no answer.

“You have to call, leave a message and wait for them to call you back. And sometimes they call you back, sometimes they don’t,” an emotional Wells told WAFF 48.

Several residents in the complex told our crews that they were fed up with the way the complex handles violence.

According to people who live there, officials for the complex advise them to contact security first before calling the police.

One man says he's even been threatened by someone, called security and no one responded.

Now, they want to see a change.

Someone who wants to see that happen sooner than later is the mother of the woman who fired the shots.

She says her daughter acted in self-defense.

She tells WAFF 48 that her daughter expressed concerns with her roommate's boyfriend to the complex several times with no action taken.

It wasn't until today that they finally stepped in and asked her roommate's boyfriend to leave, according to the suspects mother.

When they were all notified, she says her daughter's roommate told her boyfriend who then came to the apartment verbally and physically attacking her daughter.

That's when she fired the shot that grazed his head.

No word yet from police on his condition.

The suspect's mother says her daughter was taken to the Huntsville jail and is unsure if she'll face any charges.

Stay with WAFF 48 as this story continues to develop.

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