Boaz police chief retires after 26 years

Boaz police chief retires after 26 years
Boaz police officers and Mayor David Dyar (Source: WAFF)
Boaz police officers and Mayor David Dyar (Source: WAFF)

BOAZ, AL (WAFF) - After twenty-six years of service, with four as chief, with the Boaz Police Department, Scott Farish is retiring.

Family and friends held a retirement party for him at the department's training center.

When asked about one of the most memorable days on the job, Farish quickly pointed out a blizzard many will never forget.

"I know back during the winter storm of '93, a lot of us had to stay here at the police department. I mean, because we couldn't make it home and a lot of couldn't make it home and somebody still had to run the police department," said Farish.

Farish is proud of the work the department has done over the years, especially helping out their neighboring communities.

"A lot of times, you know, we haven't been directly hit by or impacted by tornadoes, but our neighboring cities have. We've sent officers up there that'd work their shifts instead of here. They'd work in Albertville or some of the other locations, just different places to help out," he said.

Farish also remembers many long days during the holiday season as shoppers came from all over to visit the Boaz outlets.

"The outlet center was booming and during this time of the year, we would have to direct traffic off of 431 down Billy Dyar Boulevard, just to help the buses get into the outlet center. It was just packed," said Farish.

Deputy Chief Josh Gaskin will replace Farish as chief effective Jan. 1. Gaskin has been with the Boaz Police Department for more than 11 years but says thinking about this new role has taken him back all the way to day one.

"It's odd to say this, but I feel like I'm a rookie again. I feel like I'm the new guy again," said Gaskin.

Farish said he'll miss the day-to-day routine but looks forward to retirement, working on his farm, and spending more time with his family.

"I certainly have enjoyed all 26 years of it. And they's a lot of great folks in Boaz, and a lot of great men and women that's officers here that, you know, will carry on," said Farish.

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