Fort Payne man upset over illegal shooting near his home

Fort Payne man upset over illegal shooting near his home

FORT PAYNE, AL (WAFF) - A man in Fort Payne wants the illegal firing of weapons across the street from his home to stop.

The city council addressed the issue on Tuesday but the man says he now feels like he's just spinning his wheels.

The Fort Payne City council established early in the discussion that firing weapons inside the city limits is against the law. But Russell O'Dell says it's been a nine-year nightmare.

O'Dell says people go down a small private road into the woods across the street from his home on Dean Road and fire weapons which is inside the city limits.

Another neighbor, Wanda Middleton calls it irritating. She says twice in recent years she's heard bullets passing near her and she's found bullet holes in clothes she's hung out to dry.

So O'Dell reached out to the city council for help. But under the ordinance, city's attorney Rocky Watson said someone has to see it and cited an example.

"Well somebody's got to be willing to come to court and say, I saw mayor fire a gun and that's who we're charging.  If you can't do that, you can't prove your case," says Watson.

But with private property signs on the property, O'Dell says he's not willing to illegally trespass to make his case.  Which leaves only one other option.

"If he can get ahold of police and get them out there while this is going on and that doesn't usually happen. It's always after the fact that we hear about it," says Mayor Larry Chesser.

Councilman Wade Hill responded by saying, "Until we get that, there's really nothing else we can do that I know of."

The mayor said he plans to get with O'Dell and see if they can't get the issue resolved.

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