Fort Payne City Council bypasses general vote for Sunday alcohol sales


FORT PAYNE, AL (WAFF) - Sunday alcohol sales in Fort Payne will apparently happen much quicker than anticipated, but you won't have a chance to vote on it.

The resolution was supposed to go before the state legislature after a referendum.

However, the city council took its own vote on Tuesday.

Fort Payne passed a resolution which would authorize a Sunday alcohol sales by the council after a local bill is passed in the legislature.

That could happen as early as next month.

Council members in favor of expediting the process claim the town could benefit from potential retail development from Sunday alcohol sales.

Opposition for the narrowly passed measure cited campaign promises that residents would have a chance to vote.

Mayor Larry Chesser says Tuesday's vote was the result of a recommendation from the legislative delegation who noted Guntersville and Scottsboro also passed Sunday sales through city councils.

Chesser says some retail developments just won't happen without Sunday alcohol sales.

"We are constantly talking with people and we've been talking to some hotels and hopefully you never know.  I mean, we haven't been successful thus far, but I think sooner or later we will and it's a matter of being ready," says Mayor Chesser.

If passed by the state legislature it will still have to come back to the council for final approval.

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