Skinned coyote found by workers in Lauderdale County

Skinned coyote found by workers in Lauderdale County

LAUDERDALE COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - A crew with AT&T made a shocking, gory discovery in Lauderdale County on Thursday. A skinned animal was found by workers, who called police.

At first, authorities believed it was a dog, but a necropsy revealed it was a coyote, according to our news partner, the Times Daily.

It comes a week after a similar case in Colbert County.

Officials say the animal, which was originally recognized as a neighborhood dog, was found dead with its hide removed on Waterloo Road/C.R. 14, almost to Brush Creek Park in the Wright Community, which is located between Florence and Waterloo.

Deputies with the Lauderdale County Sheriff's Office, as well as animal control officers, were called to the scene.

"We were contacted and we had a deputy respond to County Road 14 in the Wright community. The report was that there was an animal on the side of the road that had been skinned. The deputy responded out, we documented it. We contacted Animal Control and they retrieved the animal and currently right now, it's an open investigation," said Sgt. Matt Horton who oversees the Investigations Division.

Officials say the animal was known to roam the area, but they had not been seen it in three days.

Last week, a mutilated animal was found in Colbert County on a creek bank off of River Road by a concerned fisherman.

"When we got there, it had been skinned, ears removed, testicles removed and thrown in the creek," Animal Control Officer Anthony Wilbanks said. "They left about six inches of skin on all four legs. Other than that, it was completely skinned."

An animal cruelty investigation was launched, but uncertainty came in the days that followed the discovery.

Some think the remains were that of a coyote, related to hunting. But Wilbanks said the game warden and a local veterinarian could not confirm it was a coyote and he still strongly believes it was a dog.

It's not clear if there's any connection between the two cases.

"We'll make contact with the investigators in Colbert County to see what kind of information they have to see if we might be able to link to the two. Then we'll just continue on with the investigation and see where it takes us," Horton said.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Lauderdale County Sheriff's Office at 256-760-5757. Ask to speak to Horton in the investigations unit.

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