Animal shelter director gives tips on avoiding dog attacks

Animal shelter director gives tips on avoiding dog attacks
There have been two deadly dog attacks in two weeks in Northeast Alabama. 
How could that happen?
Officials at Second Chance Animal Shelter say there could be an overreaction to the dog attacks.
They’re worried it could cause a flood of animals being left at area shelters.
In the last two weeks, a person was killed and another injured after being attacked by a pack of dogs in both Marshall and Jackson Counties.
Doug McGee with the Second Chance Animal Shelter says many times the aggressive behavior by male dogs is due to a female dog in heat.
McGee says while people may want to help, it's best to stay out of the way of dogs that are being aggressive and let the dogs deal with themselves.
According to McGee, governing bodies often have knee-jerk reactions to attacks and enact extremely restrictive dog ordinances.
When that happens, area shelters will become overrun with dogs that have fallen victim to the ordinance.
"My thing is veterinarians need to be involved in a lot of these because they are the animal experts. They are doctors of veterinary medicine, so any town that's considering these ordinances talk to your veterinarians because I think they could offer some insight that maybe other people couldn't handle," says McGee.
McGee says one of the best things people can do to tame their animals and get them to calm down is to have them spayed or neutered. 

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