Charges dismissed in custodial case of Arab boys found in North Carolina

Charges dismissed in custodial case of Arab boys found in North Carolina

ARAB, AL (WAFF) - Charges of interference with custody have been dismissed against two people accused of taking four young siblings across state lines in December 2017. The parents agreed not to file lawsuits against Arab police, DHR or others.

The charges stem from a case where four brothers from Arab had been reported missing since Dec. 8 but turned up in North Carolina a few days later.

The boys' noncustodial parents, 29-year-old Karissa Renee Cummings and 39-year-old Marcus Eugene Simmons, turned themselves into Morganton, North Carolina police.

Police said the boys were not hurt.

Arab Police Chief Ed Ralston said they got a phone call from a family member saying the parents turned themselves in to Morganton, North Carolina police.

"It was about eleven o'clock last night, I think Simmons and the children showed up at his mother's house in Morganton, North Carolina, The mother was aware of all that was going on, it had been nationally publicized that the children had been missing," said Ralston.

Police were not sure where they had been while they were missing but said the family in North Carolina convinced them to turn themselves in.

Ralston confirmed that Burke County Department of Social Services worked with Blount County DHR to get kids back to DHR.

Arab police and the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency had been looking for the boys since Dec. 8.

Police say 1-year-old Corbin Simmons, 4-year-old Alexander Simmons, 5-year-old Nicolas Simmons and 11-year-old Ian Simmons were taken from their grandmother's home on Cobb Road without permission by their father.

The children had been placed with their grandmother as part of a DHR safety plan. According to Blount County DHR, the boys were to remain there until a temporary custody plan could be organized.

Arab Assistant Police Chief Shane Washburn said the grandmother went to bed at midnight and found the children missing when she got up at 7 a.m. on Dec. 8.

Washburn said his department actively worked with the FBI and U.S. Marshals Service to locate any family members that may have had contact with them, specifically in North Carolina.

Extradition was gr anted for the two parents. Arab police left that Wednesday morning to pick them up from North Carolina. They were brought back to Arab then charged.

Blount County DHR left that Tuesday morning to pick up the four boys from Burke County officials in North Carolina. Ralston said the four boys were not harmed.

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