Huntsville woman comes forward with her experience being molested at 14

Huntsville woman comes forward with her experience being molested at 14

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - In the wake of sexual misconduct allegations against people in power—like Roy Moore, Harvey Weinstein and Senator Al Franken—many men and women have decided to break their silence about being victims.

On person who wants to share her story is a Huntsville woman who says the women who came forward about Roy Moore gave her the courage to do the same.

Although she wants to remain anonymous to protect her child.

"All these women who support him (Moore), that stand up there and call us victims' names and say we are paid, they don't understand, yes it was 40 years ago, but it never goes away," the woman said.

She held onto her secret, even from her own child, for more than four decades.

But when the allegations against Moore came out—allegations he has denied—she decided it was time to tell her story.

"It hurt my heart because all these people that are saying why come forward now. When exactly would they come forward that would be ok? They say, well he ran for other races they should have come forward then… would they have believed them then…  I don't think so… they say have proof!… I have undeniable proof and I don't come forward but if someone sought me out, I sought you out, I was angry."

She says that two men who were close to her sexually abused her for several years.

It started when she was six.

She said during her freshman year of high school she thought she found help.

"And this teacher I confided in and he said he would help me, he would take care of me and he consoled me," she explained.

"I respected him and I looked up to him and I even had a crush on him and I didn't fight it and I got pregnant and I was 14."

She said the last time she spoke with the English teacher was when he made an appointment for an abortion.

She didn't show up because a neighbor boy claimed the child as his own which gave her another way out of her dysfunctional home life.

"I eventually told my mother and she accused me having an affair with a married man. How did that make you feel? Like I was stupid for ever telling her," she said.

She said she knew she was in trouble and didn't know who to go to.

"It took me until this age to realize that I wasn't at fault, no one is at fault at 14, you're just not and for an older person to take advantage of a 14-year-old and make them believe that it's their fault is horrendous, but for all those people that say those women who are coming forward now, why and when would there had been a good time, they did come forward, they came forward to their friends and family."

Until this week only her husband knew who her child's biological father really was.

"I told my child after 40-something years, that's how angry I was and I realized it was weighing on me. I needed to come forward to my own child," she cried.

She said she hopes by telling her story that it will help others understand the struggles it takes for a victim to come forward.

On Sunday at 2 p.m. the Huntsville the community is rallying to show its support of victims of child sexual abuse, rape or sexual assault.

They want this gathering to bring awareness and support to survivors. It's organized by local women. They say their using their voice to change the culture.

The rally is taking place at Big Spring Park.

The event ends at 4 p.m.

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