Local ‘hero’ puppy, owner being forced out of their home

Local ‘hero’ puppy, owner being forced out of their home

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - A local hero now needs some saving of her own.

Queen Snow, the puppy that saved a man's life in a fire, is being kicked out.

They've had to jump through hurdle after hurdle, and now it looks like they both puppy and owner may be out on the street.

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In the days after the fire, owner Amos Smith said that he was contacted by management at the Lincoln Apartments, who told him that they believed the dog to be a pit bull, a breed not allowed under the complex's pet policy.

But it turns out Queen Snow isn't a pit bull as previously believed.

Smith provided management with a health report that proved that the dog was a terrier mix, which he hoped would resolve the issue. Unfortunately, he was met with yet another obstacle.

"It went from my dog being a hero –saving a man’s life!—to now I can't have my dog because of the breed. Now I have that cleared up it's a weight issue," Smith said.

According to the apartment complex's policy, the maximum weight for a dog is 20 pounds. Queen Snow is already 19 pounds, and may reach 30 pounds by the time she is full grown.

"A healthy weight limit for a terrier-mix is anywhere between 20-30 pounds," Smith said.

"I'd have to starve my dog to keep within the weight limit to keep her and I'm not doing that."

The paperwork Smith was given said the weight maximum was 20 pounds, although the Housing Authority website says 25.

Either way, it seems their time is limited. And Smith made it clear they are in this together.

"If she has to go, I have to go! I'm not getting rid of my dog. That's my child!"

He says he'll take anything he can get, just to have a little wiggle room before they're forced out.

"I've been looking for a house. I'm just trying to move out of the entire situation."

Smith's main goal overall for now is to just find a safe and accommodating home for him and his beloved Queen Snow.

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