Marshall County church sends Christmas cards for good causes

Marshall County church sends Christmas cards for good causes

MARSHALL COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - A Marshall County church has found a way to spread Christmas cheer while helping others in the county.

"The more people, the more money, the better that we can give money to people," said Brasher's Chapel Church Sunday school student Gracie Hollowell.

Hollowell is excited to be helping out again with the Brasher's Chapel Church Christmas Card Drive.

"During the month of December, my Sunday school class becomes a post office and they are the post office workers," said Sunday school teacher Joe Pell.

Pell said people in the church buy Christmas cards for other members in the church. The students collect the cards, and with a 25 cent fee per card, the students sort them and deliver them to the church members.

Last year they raised $1,700 that was handed out to good causes, such as people making mission trips, families in need, breast cancer research and they're chosen by the students and everyone had their favorite.

"I feel like the Real Life Pregnancy Center was probably the most important," said Hollowell.

But Pell said they also save some money to help for Christmastime.

"I've contacted some of the teachers in our church who work in local schools who are supposed to provide me a list of names of some kids they know who are in need and we will buy Christmas for them," he said.

The Christmas Card Drive will end on Christmas Eve.

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