Kitchen Cops: Diner nearly triggers shutdown with a 61

Kitchen Cops: Diner nearly triggers shutdown with a 61

(WAFF) - Hometown Diner in Russellville scored a 61 during their recent health inspection, barely avoiding an automatic shutdown. When a restaurant earns a 59 or lower, the health department orders an automatic temporary closure.

Among the seven critical violations on the inspection report, the health department reports an employee did not wash their hands before putting on gloves and handling ready-to-eat food. Chicken, barbecue pork and various slaws reportedly did not have date marks to document when the food items were prepared and indicate when they would expire. Also, the inspector reports a hose did not have the backflow protection device needed to keep contaminated water from getting into the water supply.

The Cici's Pizza in the 4900 block of University Drive in Huntsville scored an 83. The inspector reports finding a worker's half-empty energy drink in the ice machine and that a can opener blade was dirty.

The Shop N Go convenience store in Highway 72 in Tuscumbia scored an 80. The inspector reports eggs at 30 degrees over the 41-degree temperature needed to prevent bacterial growth in cold-holding food, and sausage at 20 degrees over that threshold.

The Quik Mart on East 2nd Street in Muscle Shoals scored an 84 for their inspection in October. It takes an 85 or higher to get off the health department reinspection schedule and lose the Kitchen Cops low performers list label, and they did that by scoring an 87 this time.

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