Bullying caught on camera at Ardmore High School

Bullying caught on camera at Ardmore High School

ARDMORE, AL (WAFF) - We often hear about bullying happening in our schools, but not every day do we actually see it. On Monday at Ardmore High School, a school fight was caught on camera.

"Somebody calls my name and I turn around and she hits me. I turned around and was like, 'What are you doing?'," said ninth-grader Brailee Christian.

Christian said the girl seen hitting her in the video was her "best friend."

"She said I was talking crap about her, but she was my friend. I wouldn't," Christian said.

Christian's mom, Dana Dunn, said no matter what, it's unacceptable that her daughter was attacked while people watched and someone recorded it on a cellphone.

"It hurt. I was mad. I'm still mad. I'm angry. I want everyone to know bullying is not OK. Fighting is not OK," Dunn said. "I think parents should teach their children we don't fight. We talk. Let's talk this out."

A spokesperson for Limestone County Schools sent WAFF 48 News a statement:

Limestone County Schools was made aware of an incident today in which we took immediate action. This incident was dealt with in accordance to the policies and procedures of the system. LCS takes any act of violence seriously and we continue to reinforce with our students to report any incident they are a witness or a victim of.

But Dunn said that's not enough.

"I don't know if everyone's not seen this video, but that was not harassment. She attacked her. Period. I'm going to push this to the full extent. I'll make sure something's done about this," Dunn said.

Dunn said she plans to go to the Limestone County Sheriff's Office Wednesday to take the next steps.

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