Huntsville store opens in time for #SmallBusinessSaturday

Huntsville store opens in time for #SmallBusinessSaturday

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Black Friday is just the opening act for Small Business Saturday.

Locally owned businesses across the country are gearing up for a day full of shopping sales.

It's a day spent recognizing the strength, value and importance imparted by locally owned businesses to their communities and the state.

Holtz Leather Company in the Lincoln Mills District opened its doors for the first time Friday.

It's a family-owned business where as soon as you walk inside you feel at home.

"We're very excited and nervous. We had a lot of butterflies because we didn't know what to expect," the Holtzes noted about their first morning.

Four years ago, Rick and Coleen Holtz began building their business from the ground up.

They had to teach themselves about leather, how to run and operate a business, even how to stitch. Though today, all the lessons paid off.

Shoppers were also excited about the new business.

Chelsea Adams said she loves small businesses and tries to support them as much as she can.

Another shopper said he loves that it's not just some big factory line—it's real people making real things.

Why leather?

The Holtzes say the wanted to make a product that could be passed down from generation to generation. Something that could eventually become an heirloom.

Barbara Broadfoot said that's exactly why she was in the shop today.

"I came by request from my granddaughter all the way in Florida. She once bought a journal from the Holtz and years later still uses it – saying it gets better by the day. Today, I'm here looking for something special for her grandfather, my husband."

Every item on the shelf is manufactured upstairs in their factory. Holtz Leather employs 40 people.

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