Senate candidate Doug Jones makes Huntsville campaign stop

Senate candidate Doug Jones makes Huntsville campaign stop

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Just weeks left before the big Senate election in Alabama, and the race is getting tight.

On Tuesday, Democrat Doug Jones campaigned in the Tennessee Valley.

The crowd was spilling out of First Missionary Baptist Church where voters got the chance to write their questions for Jones on paper at his Q&A style town hall meeting.

Roy Moore was invited to the town hall, but his podium remained empty. Voters say they hoped to hear from both candidates.

"I know the invitation was extended to Roy Moore. Hoping maybe he'll come tonight just to hear what he has to say," Lorraine Lacy said.

Anyone hoping to see Moore left the town hall disappointed, but there were plenty who came out just to show their support for Democratic candidate Jones.

"I'm here to hear from Democratic candidate Doug Jones and see what he has to offer to the community," Randell Richmond said.

Other voters agreed.

"I think the idea of a Democrat for Alabama has been unheard of so it's a really exciting prospect right now," Andrea Soule said.

Time in the race is running out. With recent sexual abuse allegations against Moore surfacing, and just under three weeks to go until the election, the race is close. According to our exclusive Raycom News Network poll, Roy Moore is at 47 percent while Doug Jones sits at 45 percent. With a 2 percent margin of error, they're statistically tied.

And voters agree that every moment, matters.

"Where the country is headed, I hope we get the right candidate in," Richmond said.

When WAFF 48 News asked Jones about the Raycom poll results, he said that he doesn't think they matter. He even referenced Nick Saban and Guz Malzahn, saying he doesn't worry about them.

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