Shoals native among top 11 contestants on 'The Voice'

Shoals native among top 11 contestants on 'The Voice'

(WAFF) - A north Alabama native is now among the top 11 contestants on NBC's "The Voice."

Red Marlow is a country singer who's also from Rogersville. And he moved further up the list following a live performance on the hit show this week.

"I gotta pick Red," Blake Shelton said as Marlow got picked for Monday's night's live show. The votes put him into the top 11 Tuesday.

"I'm very, very blessed to not only have not only my hometown of Rogersville, but all the people in that area from Florence, Decatur, Athens, you know Huntsville, everybody's been extremely supportive of what I'm doing," Marlow told WAFF 48 News before Monday's show.

He said his childhood in Lauderdale County growing up as the preacher's son helped shaped him as a musician.

"Golly, I remember doing my first recording in the back of Barbara's Wedding Shop, you know what I'm saying? All these little things, all these great people who just surrounded you," Marlow said.

He is just one of three on Team Blake but said he's enjoyed getting to know all of the judges.

"Blake is just a normal guy. He's just like me and every other country redneck I grew up with. We can hang out and hunt and fish and do our thing," Marlow said. "But the other coaches are just as down to earth like anyone you've ever met."

He said a highlight of "The Voice" is actually Monday night's live performance with his parents being in the audience. It is his dad's first time flying and his mom's second.

"You'll see in the live song tonight I'm doing is a song that my dad taught me how to play guitar and taught me how to play these certain licks so can't tell you what it is, but anyway, and I got lucky they are actually here with me right now," he said.

Marlow said the biggest lesson he's learned is to just always be yourself.

He calls the fans his friends and hopes they can see that he's real and doing what he loves.

"I feel good about it, I'm just going to go out there and have fun and do what I do which is country music and hopefully America will go out there and go vote for me," he said.

Marlow also said once the show is over he wants to get a band together and perform here.

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