Huntsville researcher creates new Parkinson's drug delivery system

Huntsville researcher creates new Parkinson's drug delivery system

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Some people living with Parkinson's disease  in the Tennessee Valley are taking back their lives by just rolling with the punches. And a local researcher has devised a new way to help them.

The reality for many patients is that living a normal life can mean as many as 15 doses of medication a day. Now, Dr. Randall Moreadith, a local researcher at Serina Therapeutics, has created a new way to deliver the Parkinson's drug that will bring that number down to just one.

"This drug would provide continuous delivery and buffer that on and off to get 24/7 drug delivery," Moreadith said. "We have a drug technology platform that allows us to attach small molecules to our polymer, in many cases, with a single weekly injection."

People living with Parkinson's call this advancement life-changing.

The delivery system now enters phase two, which focuses on fundraising, testing and FDA approval. That process that can take up to seven years.

In the meantime, local patients have Rock Steady, a hidden treasure in Huntsville. This  organization  meets several times a week working to slow the progression of the disease. From round one to the final knockout, each punch packs strength and a stamina like no other.

"I'm one tough cookie and it's going to take more than this to get me down," said Art Shaw, who has lived with Parkinson's Disease for several years.

When talking about the participants, trainer Dallas Terrell said they come for very simple things like being able to tie their shoe, go to the grocery store or church. Most things they're fighting to do are simple things that others take for gr anted.

Rock Steady is run solely by volunteers. They're funded through gr ants from Huntsville Hospital and the North Alabama Republican Legislators.

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