Madison baseball owners on the record

Madison baseball owners on the record

MADISON, AL (WAFF) - Speaking of the ballpark, viewers in our area were able to see some renderings of what a stadium could look like, if it is in the Madison area, specifically The Town Madison development.

"Our company financed the design of the stadium. However, we invited the people of Madison's city government to take part in that. Because it's something that people will take a great deal of pride in. So, for example, it's extremely important to Madison that the ballpark was designed for multi-purpose state, so that there can be meetings there, corporate events, concerts. Secondly, we wanted to design something that would integrate the community. There's a plan at Town Madison, that the ballpark is part of the integration of that entire thing. It's gonna be the latest and the greatest. the folks that are designing this ballpark are the same people that designed Sun Trust park that that just won ballpark of the year, that people are receiving accolades for. It is not my fathers ballpark. It's not Joe Davis Stadium. It's not even some of the parks built ten years ago. We want people to come back again and again. Anybody can fill a ballpark on the fourth of July. Anybody can fill a ballpark on opening day. but what about those other games, how do you do that. So there's a great amount of thought going into this business plan," said BallCorps CEO Ralph Nelson.

You have people, residents that have lived here a long time that will potentially be in and around the area and the Town Madison development. When asked what he would say if someone comes to him or a potential City Hall meeting, asking what does it do to enhance or maybe even possibly degrade the quality of life?

"I'll give you a perfect example, we're gonna have LED lighting in the stadium. You know why LED lighting? Because It's directed only on the stadium, no what they call spillage of lights. So the neighbors that live near the ballpark will not see lights. It will be only on the field it's not gonna light up somebody backyard if they live a half mile from the ballpark or a quarter mile from the ballpark, it isn't gonna be that way. It's all about the community. It's all about being part of this great quality of life," said Nelson.

We have been able to confirm that Southern League President Lori Webb was in North Alabama on Thursday, looking at potential sites.

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