Rainsville intersection being expanded

Rainsville intersection being expanded

RAINSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - The intersection of Highway 35 and 75 in Rainsville is currently undergoing a major expansion and resurfacing project.

The DeKalb County project is one of many listed on the Access Management Program.

Alabama Department of Transportation crews are working to enlarge the intersection of Highway 75 and 35 in Rainsville to improve efficiency at the intersection, especially for drivers using turn lanes.

The project manager, Bejan Taheri, said they are also working to bring added safety measures to the intersection, ranging from handicap-accessible sidewalks and crosswalks for the blind.

"The federal government wants us to improve all these major intersections to be accessible for the wheelchairs and the blind. and any other needs on the sidewalks. So basically, we're redoing all the sidewalks and corners," said Taheri.

Taheri said enlarging the intersection is needed because it previously did not have enough space on the corners or turn lanes, so they are offsetting the road back about 10 feet on each side.

The timeline for completion of the project is estimated to be sometime in December.

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